Some more painting.

I’m sorry I haven’t got more pics today – the project I’m working on doesn’t have photographable results yet. I had the luxury of being able to paint several rooms in our apartment before we moved in, which is SO much nicer than trying to do it after the fact. At the moment, I’m (still) trying to finish the ones I didn’t get to, like the dining room, entryway, and hallway.

There’s also the living room, which has turned out to be kind of problematic. The landlord gave me some of the “same exact paint,” so the night before we moved in I thought I’d freshen up the living room a bit and went over the walls – but not corners, ceiling, etc. – with a roller. Result? Walls look great, but there’s a grey line around the corners, ceiling, etc. Who knew that living room walls could be so dirty? Even after I washed them? I finally touched up the molding around the ceiling the other night (drove me nuts every time I looked at it) and I’ve started working on the window area, which was really horrible. But I need to be very careful what I paint because the fresh stuff looks really different than the old, so if I paint something (like the window frame), I need to do the whole thing instead of just touch-ups.

I tried to take a photo, but dingy white next to creamy white is just not all that exciting. The yellow in the entryway, however…


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