Wish you were there.

Well, I’m back. We pulled into town at 9:00 pm on Saturday night, having put a sweet 3,000 miles on the car.

Since I can’t post about anything crafty until I’ve put up some travel pictures for friends + family who weren’t there, you don’t have to look if you’re waiting for something more creative. For those who are interested, highlights of the trip included…

..the drive down, when we took a “shortcut” through eastern Oregon. (Did you know that Oregon puts a 55 mph speedlimit on everything that’s not I-5? And that they enforce it?)


..the gorgeous natural scenery, including views of Mt. Shasta. (Klamath Falls, where we spent the night, was not so picturesque, and shall hereafter be referred to as “Wooly Klamath.” )


..spending time with the cousins, who have all been predisposed by aunt + uncle to think we’re great. Great moments included playing with legos, putting together a puzzle, looking at bird + reptile pictures, and listening to older cousins make appropriate voices for each of their (hundreds of) little plastic animals.


..going to the Amoeba Music store on Sunset Blvd. I was very restrained and came away with some Regina Spektor, Head like a Kite, and Youth Group. Husband came away with a lot more.

..getting to see the ol’ Hollywood sign (white blur in hill at top of photo) and the Hollywood walk of fame, which was – fittingly – located outside a big shopping center.


..going to Newport Beach, like good OC devotees.


..dipping toes in the ocean and collecting shells to hang in our car.


..going to Disneyland for the first time in 14 years.


 ..riding on the “little kid” rides, after discovering that the Star Wars motion simulator did a number on my stomach. Shown are my aunt-of-saintly-patience, cousins, and an amazing storybook landscape where all the trees are about 5 inches tall.


 ..riding on the bumper cars.


 ..riding on the bumper cars with 5 year old cousin. She insisted on steering while I pushed the pedal (her legs are too short). She was, um, pretty good, actually.


..admiring hundreds of singing puppets and humming “it’s a small world” for the next two hours.


 ..driving through northern California at sunset on the way back.


Not pictured: uncle-of-saintly-generosity, pass for gated community listing our names as Jose and Paula Jibbs, crazy LA driving, shopping loot, fruit stands, tasting olives, lots and lots of California and Oregon. 

It was, as Mary Poppins would say, practically perfect in every way. 

Next up: results of the long-awaited trip to the Ikea in Costa Mesa. 


One thought on “Wish you were there.

  1. Paula, the pictures are so great, thank you for posting them. You, Josh, and the cousins looked so happy. I would say I do wish I was there, but I am more than content that mom & dad came to visit me here. Although, I am possibly starting to run out of steam, the whole not-speaking-the-main-language thing is taking it’s toll. I wonder – how long were you in Azerbaijan before you just got tired of not being able to speak with the people you wanted to? Anyway, the photos of Disneyland fire nuerons that haven’t been fired in a while, and it is good. Thanks,

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