Californiaaaaaa, here we cooooooome…

Tomorrow, Josh and I are leaving for our one-year anniversary trip. We’re driving to sunny southern Cal to stay with my aunt, uncle, and cousins, and I am looking forward to it like you can’t believe. There will probably be blog silence until the Monday after, unless I get particularly inspired and have internet access.  BUT, when I get back, I promise lots of nice photos of apartment decor + stuff accumulated in SoCal (too bad we drive a little Toyota…).

I do have one little project to share before I go, but first I want to add a little note about the first year of marriage. One of the comments that I got alot after our wedding was a variation of, “Oh, you just got married…the first year of marriage is hard.” At first, it didn’t bother me because I assumed that the statement was true. Yup, there were some arguments in the early days about where the pots + pans should be stored and how much we should pay for certain things (I have expensive taste). And sometimes life wasn’t blissfully easy. But you know what? Hard times while married were still better than good times while unmarried. And over time, we adjusted to living together and the bigger issues slowly started to dissolve while we weren’t paying attention, like a rock being lapped away by the ocean. Josh and I had a really good first year of marriage. If you’re going to get married soon (or even if you’re not), don’t let people condemn you to a year of arguing and crying and calling your mom just because our culture thinks everyone does that. God is good, and when he gives you marriage, he gives you a good thing.

So, the crafty project: I forgot that while I was sick, in addition to emptying boxes, I managed to make the “invisible bookshelves” I mentioned a couple of posts ago.

Since this project requires permanently maiming two books, I carefully browsed the selection at Goodwill and came up with 1) a really badly-illustrated Grimm’s Fairy Tales and 2) a chemistry text (we’re feeling a little anti-chemistry at the moment). If I had to pick again, I would have chosen some smaller volumes…I’m afraid to stack anything very heavy on these because our plaster walls are a little brittle and I couldn’t find the stud. So, the book serving as a shelf is quite a bit larger than the books resting on top, which changes the look.


The desk was a $30 Goodwill find that has made Josh very happy.


Have a good weekend!


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