I’m back.

Sorry about the silence, all. I got a really nasty cold that knocked me flat on the couch for five days and we don’t have at-home internet. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and, after being properly impressed by my cough, she prescribed some stuff that seems to be helping.  Hooray for feeling good enough to leave the house!

I wish I could say that I spent those five days crafting, but I actually felt too sick to do much of anything (it has been a long time since I’ve been that sick). I did manage to finish unpacking the last of the boxes on Friday but ran out of steam before I could finish touching up the living room. Since we’re leaving Saturday to drive to Cali, I think the rest of the painting will have to wait until I get back.

So, the craft room. It looks a little better than this now, but I forgot to snap a final photo. (Not shown: small shelf with growing collection of sewing books and great-grandmother’s desk, which fits perfectly in front of the window.)


When we were looking at this apartment for the first time, I instantly noted that the craft room contains a lot of built-in shelves. My art +  craft supplies used to be scattered around the apartment in four or five places that were either 1) visible and messy-looking or 2) hidden and difficult to access. Now, I can sweep all my things back onto their respective shelves, close the (soon-t0-be-created) curtain, and voila! the semblance of peace and order. 


It shouldn’t have surprised me that I filled all of the space so quickly, but it did. Every time I get on one of my simplicity-is-better kicks, it ends abruptly when I look at my stash of fabric and art supplies.  The problem is that making stuff requires that you have a lot of materials. Sewing requires a huge pile of miscellaneous thread, needles, scissors, fabrics, facings, elastic, batting, binding, etc. to make what you want. And if you start to get rid of stuff because you haven’t used it in a while (fuschia rick-rack, anyone?), there’s a really good chance that you’ll have to run to JoAnn’s to replace the little whatsit you sent back to the thrift store.


And art supplies?  Those are always expensive, all the time. I’ve accumulated a pretty nice collection of paint (watercolor, gouache, acrylic), pencils (lots of kinds), pastels (hard, soft, oil), brushes, and paper over the years, and they all have to go somewhere. I felt like such a pack rat after I unpacked everything, but I’m trying to replace that with a sense of being ready for any and every art-related emergency.  You know, “I need a set of Rembrandts and some charcoal paper, stat!” 

Did I mention that my decongestant makes me kind of weird?

Will take some new photos after I make the shelf curtain (I’m looking for a pretty sheet with turquoise in it) and finish the window curtains (scored a really cute pillowcase on my last Goodwill visit). In the meantime, I recommend this and this for inspiring/terrifying pics of other people’s incredible craft rooms. At first I was envious of both, but then I realized that, no matter how big I think my craft stash is, it doesn’t hold a candle to either of these women’s. And there is no way that I would want to pack around all that stuff when we move someday…

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