I’ve decided that it’s hard to take an “artistic” photograph of a room that includes all the features you want and combines them in an interesting composition, no matter how great everything looks in the actual setting.  For some reason, I think interiors usually look much nicer in real life than in your average photograph and I have no idea how magazines like Domino make their rooms look so good. (People probably have special lenses for that, don’t they?)

Case in point: the bedroom looks a lot nicer than my two wimpy photos here. The pics don’t include our lovely maple dresser (a gift from the mum), which looks vibrant next to the cool green-blue of the walls.  Or the trim around the closet and hallway doors, which happen to be (I recently noticed) perfectly symmetrical. As soon as I finish the cleaning/putting away, I will snap a few more.


The two lamps came from our honeymoon visit to Ikea, and I think I’m going to look for new shades – these are a little too dotty for me now. The matching nightstands were a $40 deal at the one and only flea market I have ever gone to (you have no idea how much I love saying that I found them at a flea market and pretending like that happens to me all the time).  The bedspread is the most recent acquisition – $20 at Wal-Mart. It reminds me so much of the way my grandmother made beds – each bed in her house had its own special bedspread and sheet set. The whole room is vintage in a my-grandmother-would-like-this sort of way, which I find very pleasant.


Still working on window coverings.  The blinds are fairly ugly and don’t reach the windowsill (annoying!), so I need to take the filthy white drapes to the dry cleaner and see if they can be salvaged. I’d prefer not to use the blinds at all – the drapes are thick enough to block visibility, and I’d like something thin-enough-to-let-light-in but opaque-enough-that-we’re-not-in-a-fishbowl for the day.  Current contenders include adhesive window films like this or this, but they’re both kind of pricey.  Might go with sheer muslin panels.

Future bedroom projects include a headboard (probably a simple padded and fabric-covered board attached to the wall) and some sort of large artwork to go over the bed.


4 thoughts on “Bedroom.

  1. After you change your lamp shades and get your curtains and art work, please post another picture. I am really excited to see how it will all turn out. By the way– I really like the color you chose for your bedroom.

  2. Thanks, Heather and Julie! I appreciate the comments.

    Heather…given my desire to show off every little thing I do to the apartment, I will definitely post about the updates as they come along.

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