Yup, we are official Moscow residents now.  Everything but the dog hair (who knew one little pup could produce so much?!) has been taken out of our old apartment. Huzzah! A million thanks to the mother, sister, brother-in-law, and friends who helped move our rather heavy furniture.  Moving = over, unpacking = 1/2 done, cleaning of old apt = not started. 

So, because I know you’re all dying to see pics of the new apartment (right?), I will start with…the bathroom.  It was the first room to be “done”, which is probably directly related to the fact that it is also the smallest room. Still missing the wall decor, but other than that it’s pretty finished. And I love it.


It’s kind of strange to me that I feel so strongly about, um, a bathroom, but I am so please with how the paint turned out and how our miscellaneous stuff fits into the room.


There are a few quirks, like the hideous powerstrip on the wall that I can’t figure out how to remove and the fact that there’s no good place to hang towels (currently on a door rack, but now the door won’t close all the way).


The husband is pleased because we have a place to display our rather extensive perfume-and-cologne collection.  I am pleased because my Wal-Mart basket set perfectly matches the white of the trim.


Maybe you have to see it in person to appreciate the whole effect, but I really feel like all the colors in the room belong there instead of having been forced upon me by previous tenants.  I even like the counters and floor. 

Am still contemplating what art to hang on small stretch of blank wall next to the toilet.  I’ve thought about buying a sheet of this wallpaper and framing it, but I can’t decide which design (if any) goes with the “symphony in gold and cream” look that I’ve got going on. Suggestions?

Oh, and did I mention that I love my new bathroom?

Tomorrow: selected pics of the similarly successful bedroom, not including boxes and piles of sweaters.


One thought on “Moved.

  1. Hey, hang on, remove the power strip?

    Josh needs a power strip to hang all his tools of grooming. After all, a man needs a lot of power to drive everything he needs to maintain studliness: electric shaver, morning radio, electric toothbrush, bathroom drill, and other testosterone stuff.

    Tell him to give me a call. I clearly need to inform him of the delicate balance of allowing the wife to decorate the bathroom while still allowing this to be the sanctuary that every married man needs when he has lost a critical argument with his wife.

    As Alway The Marriage Counselor,
    Your Loving Uncle

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