Kitchen pics.

So, here’s the product of last evening. It may look a little mottled because the paint wasn’t dry when I snapped these.





View toward (unfinished) dining room:


Fabulous old stove:


A friend made the very good suggestion of changing the cabinet hardware, since the little scrolled whatsits contribute heavily to the dated feel of the kitchen. It will be a sizeable investment – I counted 26 handles – but I may see if the landlord will split the cost after a couple of months.  That is, if he’s still talking to me…I think I call every other night with paint issues.

Tonight: touch up the living room with (hopefully) matching white so we can start putting furniture against the walls. I doubt there will be any photos of note, since touching up white is about as boring as it gets.

I permitted myself to start reading a book last weekend, which is always a little dangerous since I tend to read books all at once instead of at intervals.  I’m almost done with The Gift of Asher Lev by Chaim Potok, and it’s a lot better than I remembered (this is my 2nd reading). Makes me want to finish all this moving stuff so I can paint canvasses instead of walls.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen pics.

  1. Dear Sweetie,

    I am sitting here with you Auntie, and she looks over my shoulder while rubbing my back and says “well that’s a clean kitchen.”

    I’m encouraging you and Josh to have 4 children and prepare your self for utter disaster.

    Enjoy being neat while childless. When you have the joy in the house, you’ll have the messes on the floors/counters.

    As Always,
    Uncle Theo

  2. Well, these photos were taken before I moved my stuff in (don’t the rags and paint can count as messy?). Am looking forward to 4 children and learning to deal with the mess, while enjoying the current lack of crumbs and footprints.

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