The kitchen.

Kitchen = progress, but camera batteries = dead.

I gave the kitchen its first complete coat of “Dune” on Sunday. I did the edging first and wasn’t really impressed with the paint.  As in, Should I quit now and buy another color? It looked much, much too yellow compared to the purple tones on the counter and floor linoleum.

I decided to stick with it and finish the wall, though, and I’m really glad I did. I am positive that paint can change color: as it dried, the yellow become darker and browner and much more flattering (almost like a chameleon). It wasn’t even the same shade as the dot on top of the can! I can’t wait to see what it looks like with a second coat, which will hopefully happen tonight.

I squeezed my roller dry on the bathroom wall, which will also be the same color, and was really pleased with the way it looked in there as well. The bathroom is lit by warm incandescent bulbs and the kitchen has harsh fluorescents, but somehow the same paint works okay in both places. I found out via an old Martha Stewart decorating book that one of the differences between cheap paint and expensive paint is that the expensive stuff uses more pigments to achieve the same “color.”  So, an expensive paint will respond more to different lighting conditions because there’s a wider array of pigments to interact with the light.  Hmm. I agree with the theory, but good ol’ Wal-Mart el-cheapo paint has been doing well so far.

Like I said, more paint tonight and pics tomorrow!

A word about last weekend: the prospective students came and went, nobody got lost (or hurt) and I think a relatively good time was had by all. Hooray!

There were a few embarrassing moments which you, the reader, may find amusing. I am not a very technically adept person, but I happen to be more computer-savvy than anyone else in my office.  Ergo, I am the go-to person for the digital projector, laptop, etc. Somehow, I ended up sharing the techie honors on Saturday morning with a slightly nervous grad student and we had all kinds of problems.  A very distinguished professor’s microphone was fading in and out and I could not figure out how to fix the situation, so I finally walked up front, took it away from him, and told him to speak loudly. Mm, nothing like making a spectacle of yourself in front of 120 people.  And then there was a Mac that would NOT talk with the projector. We finally had to call the next speaker up and take a break afterward so we could reboot the whole system (which worked, albeit slowly).

The blooper highlight of the day, however, came at the end. A vinology professor spent about 20 minutes describing his research into a phenomenon called “berry shrivel”, including lots of photos of – you guessed it – shriveled berries. At the end of the presentation he put up a summary page where he decided to abbreviate and simply call it “bs”.  It was very, very amusing to read about how scientists need more money to research bs.

And I used to think that scientific conferences were boring!


2 thoughts on “The kitchen.

  1. Dearest,

    As a married woman it is permissible to talk about berry shrivel. You can also read the Song of Solomon. They are now both okay to bring up in your blog, but I do believe that there should be some age restrictions about who can read these types of posts.

    As for Tim-chin, he is obviously the little brother. Someday, he also will be able to handle berry shrivel with the respect due it.

    Your Affectionate,
    Uncle TeddyLogic

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