I spent last evening scrubbing walls in the new apartment – they are/were kinda gross. In the process I unearthed a few more previous paint colors: yellow, bright ochre, and a medium turquoise. Maybe the white isn’t so bad after all.

I made it all the way through Demolition by Ryan Adams, some Pulp, Tiny Cities by Sun Kil Moon, and some Natalie Merchant before Josh finished his homework and came to pick me up. I have to say that, after a couple of bad days at work, the scrubbing was rather cathartic. There’s just you, your music, and a problem that can be fixed with a sponge and enough water. That’s really nice sometimes. 

Probably won’t post again before the weekend, but promise photos next week of newly-painted rooms next Monday.


3 thoughts on “Scrubbing.

  1. I don’t know why you are painting. If you are a real Marston, you’d simply buy enough books to stack in front of the walls (and maybe a few shelves), and you’d pile these books so high that you couldn’t even see the walls behind the books.

    I’m sure that Josh could add a few stacks of CDs to help to cover any open spots not covered by books.

    The Only Uncle That Cares Enough To Blog You,
    Uncle Teddy

  2. Hey! Your sister would love to paint her house, if only she could figure out where to put all the books, bookshelves, records, papers, journals, magazines, piano…you know that she refers to said library as her “pension plan,” right?

    Love, The Only Niece That Has Her Own Blog And Cares Enough To Respond To Her Uncle.

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