A birthday.

I saw my dad yesterday under abbreviated circumstances (he was driving and pulled over to ask if I wanted a ride), and it wasn’t until 4 or 5 steps later that I realized I had forgotten to say happy birthday. We’re having a little party tonight, but I hate it when there’s no celebration on the actual day. I’m sorry, dad. Your exact age shall remain secret, but I’ll shout HAPPY BIRTHDAY from my blog.

On a different note, I’ve been totally out of crafting steam lately. I think I might do like Three Pink Trees and take a little blogging break while the place of residence is in upheaval. I promise to return with glowing pics of the new apartment at the end, and maybe a few updates along the way. I’ve thought about running a little series on decorating-on-the-cheap, since most of the good ideas I’ve found so far require lots of cash. Will let you know if I/we come up with anything creative.

The RenFair poster still has a long way to go…will definitely post it if I manage to finish.

Hope y’all have a good weekend.


One thought on “A birthday.

  1. I think it is very good of you not to divulge your Dad’s age.

    I hope you sing him a nice song from the 59th page of your song book for his birthday.

    As always,
    Your Uncle

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