Poster (maybe).

My nights have been full of scheming for the new apartment, so I haven’t been very crafty this week. Last night, Josh very sweetly spent an hour looking through home decorating books and magazines with me when he could have been doing homework (well, maybe that wasn’t a huge sacrifice). Sometimes I think that I know exactly what he likes, only to find out that I’m totally wrong – and often pleasantly so. I wonder what it’ll be like when we’ve been married 40 years and still discover new things about each other?

Despite the full schedule, I’m thinking about trying to whip up a submission for the Moscow Renaissance Fair poster contest. If you’re not local, this is a May fair/festival that’s full of handmade pottery, stained glass, and all the hippies from MILES around. But first prize is $200, second prize is $100, and free publicity wouldn’t be bad. A sketch for my current idea is below.


As a personal comment about the rather heathen nature of the fair, I plan to include Pan, some dryads, a fairy or two, and some wild animals.  You know, in my reflection on “A Celebration of Spring.”


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