Fuzzy sweatpants.

Because I forgot to post about my weekend sewing yesterday, I’m going to squeeze it in before I say anything about the you-know-what. 

SO, I’ve been wanting a new pair of fuzzy lounge-around-the-house pants for a while now. My new Sew-U book conveniently includes a pattern for pants, but (unconveniently) the pattern is kind of complicated. Enter the good idea: make a simplified version of the pants out of stretchy fabric to a) avoid buying/creating a sweatpants pattern and b) see if the Built by Wendy pattern fits.


For my fabric, I used some of the yellow sweatshirt fleece you might remember from my Christmas crafting (it’s incredibly soft, and I bought a lot of it on sale cheap). I was going to trim pockets, waistband, etc. with a vintage yellow print, but I could NOT get the bias binding to lie flat because the knit was so stretchy…and after ripping it out about four times, I scrapped the idea.


Sans cute trim, I think the pants turned out pretty well.  I took out the fussy zipper/fly thing and used simple elastic instead. The fit is okay – they’re quite low-waisted in a way that might not be flattering (on me) as full-fledged pants. If I make them again, I will probably add another inch in height to the waistband.


Tragically, I also hemmed them a little too short after *carefully* measuring the length needed to brush the tops of my feet but not get in the mud when I take the dog out. So they’re kinda more like capris than pants.  Garr.


My absolute favorite part, which makes up for the shortness, is the back.  I kept the v-shaped waistband thingy that jeans always have and it looks really cute in knit. 

Because I was in a hurry to go start-to-finish last weekend, I broke one of the cardinal rules of sewing and did not wash my fabric first. As a result, I spread little clouds of yellow fuzz whenever I wear the new pants. At first I thought the dog was shedding strange clumps of hair, but upon closer inspection I discovered that I was the culprit. Oops. Hopefully they will de-lint a little after washing.

NOW, on to my more exciting news: Josh and I signed the lease for our new apartment last night! We forked over our rent and (enormous) damage deposit, got the keys, and can start moving in anytime! Aaaaaah!

We plan to transfer as much stuff as possible during Josh’s daily trips to Moscow, thereby reducing the stress of one big moving day. I have to say that moving has really bad connotations for me – one of the worst days of my life was when I had to move *literally* across the street and a few houses down. I hadn’t asked for much help (blessings upon the Robson family for showing up anyway) and carried lots and lots of stuff over by myself. And it was horribly hot and humid, so everything felt all sticky and gross. And the new renter started moving in before I was done moving out or had a chance to clean, which made me feel really guilty (even though she was early).  But this time will be nothing like that, right?

I know I should stop talking about the apartment before you’re sick of it, and you can’t get sick of it because I plan to take lots and lots of photos as we move in and fix it up. Therefore, I will only tell one last story. Our new apartment is coated in a semi-gloss layer of a strange greeny-almondy-white, and when we were looking at the place I assumed that things had to stay this way.  Putting a brave face toward the situation, I informed Josh that I didn’t even want to paint because I LIKE the white. Turns out that the landlord is actually pretty casual about painting (“just show me a paintchip first, and make sure it’s not bright green”). So I’m, um, making some plans to paint the dining room a nice light shade of brown. It will look sooooo much better, honey – just wait till you see it.


2 thoughts on “Fuzzy sweatpants.

  1. If you do have a “big move day” let us know and we/subaru will come help. Oh and thanks for being one of the first to comment at the Laugery’s Family Room; I admit I have been lurking around jb for a while. I have yet to be able to train my imd. family to use it yet.

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