I’m in love.

With my husband, of course, but now I’m also in love with an apartment. I called about a few ads last weekend (no dogs, no dogs, and too expensive), finally hearing back from the last person on Sunday morning.  Kinda pricey, but allowed pets + great downtown Moscow location.  Josh and I went to see the apartment last night with the mutual understanding that we had to REALLY love it in order to consider moving there.  After about a minute of poking around, we were hooked.

Amenities include:

– ginormous living room


– dining room
– big windows that let in plenty of LIGHT!
– built-in storage


– kitchen with 2x current cupboard capacity
– backyard with patio for summer barbecues
– small room with built-in shelves that I can use as a craftroom (and someday a baby’s room)


– rent is steep but includes heat, making it comparable to our current little (overpriced) pad 

Okay, you probably don’t care about all this stuff. But I have been dreaming since, oh, last March about our next apartment and cannot believe that this might be it. We haven’t signed the lease yet (tonight, Lord willing!), but the landlords are Christians and really, really nice and we doubt that they’ll pull a fast one on us. 

One of the ironies here is that I doubt we would have even looked at this place if not for the fact that they allow dogs. Having a dog is a huge hassle when it comes to finding housing around here – I think that 90% of the apartments don’t allow pets and the other 10% smell strongly like cats.  (I don’t dislike cats, but lots of friends + family are very allergic and that really cuts down on our guest list. ) I had begun to glare at our little pooch in the evenings and tell her how difficult she was making our lives.  You know that you’re messing everything up, right? No response.  No, Bean, I mean it – if we didn’t have you, we could live in all sorts of cute, affordable apartments. Liquid brown eyes blink. I mean, we feed you and walk you and pick up your poop and sometimes I think that all you do is make our lives MORE difficult. Casually scratches ear with paw and resumes sleeping. 

I apologized last night and gave her a nice little tummy rub to make up for my badmouthing.

Another irony (and I have to stop after this one) is that this apartment is far nicer than any of the other ones that I have prayed for in the last few months.  I’m not a very patient person, and each time I saw a great place for rent I was sure that it was The Right One. But God, in his kindness, did not give me what I asked for because he had something better.

Potential Paula-lives-in-Idaho-for-the-first-time-in-her-life date: late February.


5 thoughts on “I’m in love.

  1. The apartment is in the blocky-looking white building at the corner of 1st and Main, across the street from Zion Bank. I guess the place was built around 1900 (hence the lovely high ceilings).

  2. Aha, gotcha… well, I hope the floors are straight – I’ve noticed a lot of 1900-era floors around here have incredible slopes, especially on the upper levels.

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