Printing problems.

Went to pick up my new birdy cards today, only to find out that the printer royally screwed them up + charged me extra. I couldn’t argue because I said I didn’t need to see a proof, seeing as they were so perfect the last time. Stupid, stupid, stupid.  So now I’ve got unusable cards that I couldn’t really afford to have printed in the first place. Beginning to think that stationary is not for me.

Hope your weekend is better than my Friday.


4 thoughts on “Printing problems.

  1. I am kind a perfectionist but these really were genuinely messed up. I designed my cards with a white border around the edges to allow for the fact that a copier can’t print a full bleed. Whatever work-study student printed out my order didn’t check to make sure that Acrobat wasn’t adding an additional border, so the images are all offset. Am fixing the problem by cutting out all the images with pinking shears and adhering them to new cards – cute, but very time-consuming. Will show pics when they are done.

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