Okay, six weird things about me (courtesy of Lauren).

1. My brain freezes when I’m asked to make a list.  You can ask me the same question in another way and I’ll be able to answer, but if you ask me for a list – especially one in order of preference – I get really flustered.

2. If I allow myself to think about home decor around bedtime, I can kiss at least an hour of sleep goodbye.  I will sit there for ages picking out paint color, rugs, furniture, wall hangings, etc. for an apartment that usually a) doesn’t exist or b) ends up falling through.

3. I have a small dog named Sabina, but I/we only call her that about 5% of the time. Nicknames currently on rotation include The Bean, Beanly, Pooper, Pooper-Duper, Howler, the Bovine Squirrel, and (Josh’s favorite) Grubby Sniffles.

4.  When I was in 6th grade, I really wanted to be a herpetologist and travel around the world catching exotic snakes.  I kept several pet garter snakes, one of which I trained to eat live goldfish out of my hand (I held the poor little fishies by the tail).  I now find this rather revolting.

5.  The reason I had garter snakes and not boa constrictors is that I also kept mice.  I had lots and lots of pretty pet mice that died very easily (the animal graveyard scene in Garden State could have been based on my family).  Because I was also obsessed with Lord of the Rings, my mice had names like Galadriel, Arwen, and Elbereth. 

6. I have a really hard time cutting up raw meat.  I’m not a vegetarian, but – probably because of all the pets I’ve had – cutting into slippery raw chicken just about does me in. 

I’m tagging: Josh, Tim, Marian, Mackenzie, Maureen Halliday (are you out there?), and Laura (if you happen to read this).

Now that that’s done (notice that I kept all the really embarrassing stuff to myself), I can explain that I spent a couple of hours formatting stuff in Photoshop last night instead of crafting – I want to have some new birdy cards printed so I can replenish the supply at Ball & Cross.  Since I won’t have any new photos for a bit, I thought I might try to organize my categories a little better and add some links.  Do you like the random Flickr photos?  Sometimes I think they’re really pretty, but other times I find pics of people with little or no clothing.  On my blog.  Hmm.

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