It’s cold.

Today is very, very cold.  I walked to work for the first time all week and had the sense to put on two pairs of gloves, a scarf, and a sadly mis-coordinated warm hat (you know it’s cold when my scarf and hat clash).  The grocery store billboard said it was -7, but McDonald’s said 0.  My nose agreed with the grocery store.

Strange phenomenon of the day: out of the corner of my eye, I could see that the piece of hair sticking out from under my hat was frosty.  At first I thought it must have been wet when I left the house, but then I realized that the moisture from my breath was settling on my hair and freezing.

Still no crafts to show – my plans to paint last night were pleasantly spoiled by my husband, who saw my last post and decided I needed a little date.  (Anything I have to say about how great, sensitive, caring, etc. he is will probably just sound cheesy, so I’ll refrain. Mostly.) After dinner, we stopped by good ol’ Ross and I found two cute dresses for $3.50 each.  That’s cheaper than the Goodwill, people.  One of them is a simple wool-esque plaid shift that’s just the sort of thing I would try to sew for myself – the fact that it’s possible to find the occasional great bargain keeps me from sewing a lot of stuff, because it would have take me a lot more than $3.5o worth of fabric to make that dress.  That said, my weekend plans still include working on a skirt made with the leftover linen and the green fabric with red tulips from this post.

I do have a couple of photos to share of some of old crafts in action, though, courtesy of the lovely Katy Cummings.  I sent her two little hairclips before Christmas and they look adorable in her daughter Caddy’s hair.




There’s something really special about seeing someone else use something you’ve made, especially when it’s in a casual setting and you know they didn’t think Oh gosh, Paula’s coming over so I’d better pull out all that junk she made me and try to look like I wear it.  Mom told me last night that she’s been using my knitting bag, which promptly filled me with warm fuzzies.  Does anyone else feel that way about their artsy-craftsy stuff?

Back to the cold, my office has one little window but I can feel it radiating freezingness.  I’ve had two cups of blueberry herbal tea today, but I think I can use another…my fingers are almost too cold to type.

Enjoy your long weekend!


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