The Dress book.

I spent most of lunchbreak coasting around Amazon looking for another book to push my order up to the Super-Saver Shipping level (I wonder how many people spend an extra $15 so they can save $5 on shipping?  The super-saver thing has to be one of Amazon’s best marketing ploys).  Anyhow, my final order was for a long-awaited copy of Sew U: The Built by Wendy Guide to Making Your Own Wardrobe and the softcover version of Pure Style, which I’ve seen well-reviewed on some crafty blogs.  Will let you know how they both turn out.

No craftiness to show today, so I brought a book to work that I’ve been thumbing through in the evening. 


I got Dress for 75 cents at the St. Vincent de Paul in Port Orchard as an afterthought, but it’s turned out to be a lot of fun.  Dress is an old home ec textbook from 1956 that’s designed to help high school girls learn the basics of planning a wardrobe, caring for clothes, sewing, etc.  The photos + text are amazing.


The caption for this photo is, “A family discusses the budget for better living.” 


The caption for the left photo reads, “A derivation of the kilt, with an added feminine touch.”  On the right, it’s “A halter suit make from color fast and run resistant fabric.  Youthful in line.” 

The paragraph below the photos (which is about clothing appropriate for various sports) adds helpfully that, “The type of design chosen in a swim suit is determined by your figure.  A slim girl is attractive in a one-piece, strapless garment; however, a stout girl looks better in a bathing suit with shoulder straps or a built-up top.  A one-piece suit made from knitted wool or ‘lastex’ will fit comfortably.  The romperette swimsuit [above]is a flattering young style with a princess body.”



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