Show + tell.

I almost caved to the temptation to finish watching season 5 of Alias last night instead of finishing the kimono robe.  But I didn’t, so I’ve got a) a finished product and b) two exciting episodes left until I have to say goodbye to Sydney Bristow.  Sniff.

I’m afraid that the best place for photos was in our well-lit bathroom, so my lovely new robe is pictured in front of our color-by-technicolor shower curtain.


The final details turned out okay – I tried to sew a blanket corner where the trim along the front and the hem meets, and I should have measured out my angles first.  It’s a little funny-looking.


I am very, very pleased with the fabric, however.  Does it look even remotely authentic, Tim?


Unfortunately, I can’t say that the robe is a particularly flattering garment – it kinda pokes out funny around the hips.  So this is as much as I’m going to show of me in it.



As fun as this was, I think I’m going to take a little break from sewing.  My dining room table looks a lot better when it’s not covered with sewing machine, scissors, thread, material, little pile of scraps…and I have some Alias to watch.  Can’t wait to find out how it all ends.


3 thoughts on “Show + tell.

  1. Hey Paula, it looks great. I’m obviously not an expert, but I do think Kimonos do poke out in some places. It is going to be different though, because normally for kimonos they use silk. I just posted some pictures on my blog of some girls that were wearing Kimonos, so you can see what I mean. But, I think the Kimono you made is more like the normal person’s kimono vs. the rich and fancy silk type (you’ll see what I mean if you take a look). Anyway, way to go. The pain of wandering around through a girly department store looking for fabric wasn’t for nothing ;)

  2. That’s beautiful, Paula! Exquisite cloth and expertly sewn. Thanks for showing and telling. Your devotion to making lovely things and the photos that you take of them are both inspiring – you have fired up even in me the heretofore all-too latent drive to create things with my hands. Any recommendations for great bead stores in Providence? Oh, and your robe seems to be a tastefully Western spin on my fond memory of yukatas, the major differences being (as you probably know) that the yukata is longer, has hanging sleeves at the forearms, makes no allowance for the shape of the neck, and is made of one pattern of cloth. I use my yukata as a robe, too, and I love it!

  3. Aw, thanks guys.

    Maureen, there’s a great bead store on Thayer St. across from the CVS (unless it’s gone out of business). I got a bunch of beads there that I used on the bottom of some dark red curtains I made from a sheet…don’t know if you would remember those. You are very artistic, so I’m sure your crafty endeavors will turn out well – I still treasure the little book you made me.

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