New fabric.

I told Josh that I was going to try to take it easy on the crafting for a little while, especially since Christmas is over and I don’t need to finish anyone’s present anymore.  I didn’t sew or knit a single stitch last night, which was a strangely good accomplishment (this weekend, however…).

So instead of new projects, I thought I’d take a few posts to show you some of my new fabric stash and introduce you to some interesting websites and blogs I read.

The trip to Seattle was very good for fabric.  I picked up two vintage pieces at a thrift store:



I’ve become choosier about vintage fabric as of late.  I used to just scoop up anything that looked old, but now I actually stop and ponder whether or not I can really use that 70s neon pink and orange flower pattern.  The yellow fabric on top is more delicate than it looks – it’s a sheer buttery color.  The green at the bottom is polyester doubleknit.  I’m one of the only people I know who loves that stuff; I think it will make a perfect little short-sleeved jacket/sweater (I found one in an old Anthropologie catalog that I want to copy, but it’s not sold anymore so I can’t post a link).

Then, I got a few pieces at a quilting store in Bellevue that was – shocking! – having a sale.  Quilting stores rarely have sales, so mom and I made good use of the opportunity.




The top two fabrics are vintage reprints and the last is from the Amy Butler collection.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the green stuff yet, but the yellow flowered print will be perfect for kitchen curtains (should we ever live in an apartment with a kitchen window).  I think the pattern would be a little much as a full panel, so I plan to make the main body of the curtain out of linen or muslin and add a strip of the print at the top and bottom.  The Amy Butler fabric was frightfully expensive – $10.50/yard – so I only got half a yard and plan to use it for the front of two pillows.  The color is a really nice ochre instead of the rather putrid yellow that’s showing up on my screen.

Speaking of which, all the colors in these photos are kind of messed up.  The best surface for photos in our apartment is the dining room table, but the table has one little light above it and is a long way from the window.  One of the things I like least about our place is the bad lighting – our apartment is shaped like a shoebox with two little holes on each end.  And because the roof hangs over us on both sides, we get about an hour and a half of real sunshine through each window.  That’s not very much.  It’s really hard for me to paint in the evening because I can’t tell exactly what color I’m using and have to keep taking things into the bathroom – which mysteriously has the best lighting – to check.

This apartment tangent also reminds me of a disappointment we had yesterday: I had really been hoping to move into an open apartment in a dear friend’s house, but that fell through.  Our lease doesn’t end till February, and someone came along who wanted the place right away.  Not only was it next to friends, but the apartment was large, nicely laid out, and I had ALREADY picked out all the paint colors I wanted to use (light brown in the study, ochre in the living room, light turquoise in the kitchen…).  Sigh.  As soon as I set eyes on a potential living space, I automatically think about 1) paint colors, 2) curtains, and 3) re-covering our little couch to match.  I’m sure we’ll find something great eventually, but it was sad to lose that particular place.

I’m out of time, so I’ll just list two websites that are relevant to fabric.  First is an online fabric store called Reprodepot Fabrics.  Reprodepot sells vintage fabric reprints of everything from children’s patterns to re-upholstery fabric, as well as patterns, notions, and gifts.  Second is a Portland-based online store called Superbuzzy, which sells Japanese fabrics and craft supplies. I’ll say now that I haven’t ordered anything from either store (yet) so I don’t know what their service is like, but I have read good reports online.

Last word: I am so oblivious!  I just looked out my window and it’s snowing madly with at least an inch on the ground.  Hooray!!


4 thoughts on “New fabric.

  1. Everywhere I turn people are talking about Japanese Craft Catalogs.

    I noticed Amy Butler fabrics is sold At but they’re pretty expensive so you might have a cheaper online source already.

  2. Yah, I’ve noticed Japanese stuff popping up everywhere too. Unfortunately, the books tend to be pretty expensive (I found a neat one full of patchwork ideas for $35).

    The quilt store I went to didn’t have some of Amy’s fabric patterns that I really like, so I’ll probably shop online next time.

  3. There are some Japanese craft books out there for less than $35. A good place to search is … Like Amazon, they offer free shipping on orders over a certain price. While I haven’t ordered any books of my own yet, I have a list I plan on checking off when I can. It’s hard to search by name, however, because they are all in Japanese (translated into English characters, but not English words). Finding the ISBN #s off the internet from craft resources (i.e. Google’ng “Japanese craft books”) is the best way to go! :)

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