Top 10.

My bags are packed, my presents wrapped, and Josh is picking me up early from work.  Hooray, it’s almost time for a real holiday!  We’re leaving this afternoon to spend Christmas week at my grandfather’s house in Port Orchard (Seattle area), so this might be my last post for awhile.  After I get back, I promise lots of photos of people wearing assorted handmade items, my long-lost brother, general Christmas jubilation, and maybe even a gingerbread house.


In honor this being (possibly) my last post of the year, I have made you a Top 10 list.  Now, Josh is a “Top 10” kind of guy but I have a hard time making lists.  Things flow around my brain in organic, amoeba-like fashion instead of forming hierarchies.  Soooo, whenever anyone asks me for my favorite movies or top five records, my brain freezes.  (Not so my husband, who used to spend his spare time working out elaborate Top-20-Opening-Songs-On-A-Record types of lists with his friends.  Kinda sounds like torture to me. )


All that to say that this is my first list of this kind, and it was slow in the making.  Enjoy.


Top 10 Crafting Discoveries of 2006


One. SouleMama. 

SouleMama was the very first crafting blog I discovered, and after clicking on a few comments I discovered a whole new blogging world.  Other early discoveries included…


Two. Inside a Black Apple, Wise Craft, A Bird in the Hand, Little Birds, Angry Chicken.

These are a few of the ones I check regularly, but there are A LOT of blogs out there that showcase the great stuff people make.


Three. You can’t do everything that everyone else does.
At first I couldn’t get enough of the indie-crafting thing and spent every spare internet moment trying to find new projects, new crafters, new ideas.  But after awhile I got overwhelmed by the amount of inspiration and productivity.  I also couldn’t justify spending so much time hunched over the dining room table making stuff at the expense of real-life friendships.  I felt like I should make as much stuff as the twenty people whose blogs I read, which is just not possible what with husband and work and friends and all.  So after a few months of gorging myself on eye candy, I’ve *tried* to settle back into a more reasonable schedule (this month excepted, heh heh).

Four. Three Pink Trees.

Three Pink Trees was the first crafty blog written by someone I know in real life, and it gave (and gives) me hope that crafting can be a way to strengthen friendships instead of just channeling energy into internet la la land.  LaVatican is another blog in this category – I got to talk with Lauren on the phone the other night and it was great! 

Five. It’s fun to subvert people who are keen on subverting the system.
The Handmaid dolls started out as an art assignment to create a “subversive” product that could come out of a vending machine.  So I made some dolls that protest the marketing of plastic, mass-produced, oversexualized dolls to little girls (see the row of Bratz at your local Wal-Mart).  But mostly I just wanted to sew something – take that, WSU art department! 

Six. iPhoto books are a great way to present your stuff.
That said, after 6 or 7 hours of failed iPhoto book attempts I feel I need to make a little addendum to my encomium of iPhoto:
iPhoto 6 = da bomb
iPhoto 5 = your stuff will probably come out okay
iPhoto 4 = weeping + gnashing of teeth 

Seven. Venue is (almost) everything.
It sounds simple, but it’s taken me two craft fairs and a boring day sitting at a craft table to deduce that good sales result from: a) a location where there are lots and lots of people, b) people at the venue who are in a shopping mood and not just walking by, and c) people at that venue with disposable income who are interested in your stuff.  I like Pullman and Moscow a lot, but I think that “c” is a lot smaller here than in a place like, say, Seattle.  Might need to find new venues. 

Eight. If I don’t make myself draw or paint, it won’t happen.
I like crafting, but I started out wanting to be an illustrator/artist.  What happened to that? 

Nine. I will always have more Great Ideas than I have time or energy. 

Good thing I have a husband who regularly reminds me of this and assures me that it’s okay if I’m not doing something all the time.


Ten. My husband is the bestest.

I guess this isn’t really a “crafting discovery,” but Josh constantly puts up with mess on the table, fabric scraps on the floor, and a wife who’s too busy/tired to cook dinner.  Need I say more?


Last word: it snowed this morning!  That’s actually not very good news because we have to drive to Seattle (and I was sure I’d slip and break something when I walked to work), but the little dusting we had at 8:00 am was really, really beautiful.


Merry Christmas.


One thought on “Top 10.

  1. Hey Paula- What a good post and thanks for #3. I certainly can’t do everything that I want to do concerning ideas. I love and I’m sure that it will be a source of greedy thoughts throughout 2007.

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