Some biscotti.

Last night’s big project was to finish the biscotti I’m giving as my office Christmas presents this year.  I sort of messed up the present thing last year and gave larger presents to a few people, only to discover that around here people give small gifts to everyone.  I wanted to bake something other than cookies, so I got ahold of a biscotti recipe and gave it a shot.


According to Josh, my biscotti turned out really successfully.  It’s crunchy, almond-y, and slathered in chocolate with vanilla stripes.  The only problem is that the recipe didn’t make as much as I thought it would (why is that always the case??), so everyone only got two pieces.  But the hand-stamped gift tags should count for something, right? 


As I was dipping pieces of biscotti in chocolate I watched Little Miss Sunshine, which – as Josh agreed – was much better than we’d thought it would be.  The VW that needed a running start was hilarious; I don’t think you can come up with something like that unless it’s happened to you.  And I really really like DeVotchKa, so the soundtrack was a nice surprise (“How It Ends” is one of my Favorite Songs Ever).


Amusing office moment of the day: did you know that the Missouri Botanical Garden is very particular about being a Garden, and not Gardens?  I didn’t, at least not until after I had 350 holiday cards printed that included an announcement about a “special tour of the Missouri Botanical Gardens.”  Oops.  My very kind supervisor helped me cover 350 s’s with white out.

Another amusing office moment: I read through lots and lots of applications from international students, so I see a lot of Engrish (“Dear officer, I am very interesting in your program…”).  But today’s was the best – one student’s letter of recommendation came from an assistant professor who had spent two years as a “poster-doctor” in Germany. 

If you don’t spend any time around postdocs, you might not find that funny. But I did.


One thought on “Some biscotti.

  1. Paula, just wanted to say that your blog is great. Thanks. So great to read, keep it up. I am still scratching my head, like Marian, as to how you take such amazing photos of common things.

    Also, I did find some Japanese textiles – fabric, not the washi paper, and grabbed you some. You will be proud of me. I walked through a very girly japanese store to get it. And, it is impossible for me to sneak around. I attracted many curious stares. I wanted to shout “There really IS a good reason for me to be in this store” but they wouldn’t have understood, anyway. So, instead I just stood as ramrod straight as possible, puffed my chest out, and looked as manly as possible so as to leave no doubt.

    Got you something else too, but that will have to wait (heh heh heh), and I think you will like it. Ok, well, battery is ticking down, and I’m at the Narita airport so I’ll sign off. See you and Josh later tomorrow!

    Oh, btw. you gave me, not Jacob, athletes foot (hahaha)

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