Today is an extremely blustery day.  As I walked to work this morning, huge gusts of wind would suddenly pound my coat, making it flap wildly.  If I had long hair, I probably wouldn’t have been able to see…as it was, I’m sure every short piece stood on end.  I was listening to Pulp c. 1996 on the iPod and it was very complimentary to the weather –  Common People was accompanied by a face full of common leaves and spray from passing cars.  And the extra bonus?  The wind was like a giant hand pushing me up the hill.

As promised, I spent last night sewing (and watching Cars with Josh…can you think of another studio that’s as consistently good as Pixar? we couldn’t). 


Slowly-but-surely things are getting done!

Question of the day: would you find “The Office” funny if it was YOUR office?  Josh and I were talking about potentially-humorous office situations, and have to say that I think  it’s easier for some people to find their own situation funny than for others.  Even if they can both laugh at a third-party situation.


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