Lunchbreak blogging.

As I had suspected, it turns out that the best/only time for me to blog is during my lunchbreak.  Which means that if my lunchbreak is absent, short, or otherwise occupied, I don’t write very much.  This is both a humble apology for days when I don’t write anything and an explanation of why today’s post probably won’t be very long – gotta keep working on those pins for Saturday.

Last night my mother, brother-in-law and I went to hear my father‘s physics colloqium.  The title of his talk was “Capillary bridge dynamics and stability in reduced gravity”, which meant that I didn’t expect to understand anything except – possibly – the introduction.  To my pleasant surprise, he didn’t totally lose me until about 30 minutes in.  I don’t mean to sound skeptical about my dad’s public speaking ability…it’s just that when most of us use English, he uses Calculus.  He probably dreams in Greek symbols.  But last night’s seminar was a nice mix of super-hard equations (didn’t understand), historical notes about people who contributed to the development of the equations (did understand),  video clips of liquid bridges in zero- or low-gravity environments (did understand), and amusing stories about a family friend/coworker trying to do these experiments on the KC-135 “vomit comet” (understood and laughed).  Throughout the entire talk, my father’s knowledge of and appreciation for history was clearly evident, and I wish that there had been another person in the room who could have understood all of his historical references as well as all of the phyics.  The scope of my dad’s knowledge is really unique, and I hope that there’s someone out there who can fully recognize and appreciate that. 

Since I don’t have any nice new photos, I’m going to leave you with a few pages from the finally-finished doll brochure.  Getting that baby sent away yesterday turned out to be really stressful (and took up my whole lunchbreak), so I’ll be really glad when I get it in the mail and the whole thing is DONE. 





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