A full weekend.

This weekend was full of computer stuff (almost done with my 20 page brochure…only three pages to go).  I’m having the brochure printed as an Apple iPhoto book, so I have to send my file away tomorrow in order to get the book by finals week.  I thought it needed by this Thursday, but my very-generous-I’m-sorry-I-didn’t-give-you-a-better-evaluation-instructor said I could turn it in next week and just bring a mockup to the last critique.  Major stress averted. 

I watched Memoirs of a Geisha last night as I sat on the couch PhotoShopping.  For some reason, I really enjoy “watching” a movie while I work.  It’s best with a movie I’ve seen before so I can glance at the screen every few minutes and fill in the rest mentally – I had a stop working a few times last night and just watch.  I know that the film has a bunch of problems (um, most of the actresses are Chinese), but there are some really, really gorgeous moments.  It made me want to believe that there are places on earth where lips are always redder, skin always whiter, women always graceful, and cherry blossoms always floating through the air.  Tim?  What’s it really like?

I got a newish idea over the weekend for a last-minute addition to my table at the Holiday Gala next Saturday (fyi, if you happen to be local, the gala/craft fair will be held at the Dahmen Artisan Barn in Uniontown).  I have some gorgeous part-wool felt that I’m really wanting to make into little pins (brooches?).  The idea felt kind of original, but a quick blog search turned up with a bunch of really similar ones.  Phooey.  When is something “original” enough to be your own, and when are you just copying someone else?  I found other people selling pins that seem pretty similar to each other, so I’m hoping that mine will just be part of the fray and not an overt replica of someone else’s idea.  Will post a photo as soon as I actually finish one.  Just what I need: some more busy work to do this week.

I leave you with another doll photo – all bundled up for the cold weather.



One thought on “A full weekend.

  1. Ok, got to go teach an english class in like… 30 seconds, so I’ll make it quick.

    But it’s not like that.

    This is a concrete jungle here. The houses… sorry, it is not the romantic Japan of the movies in any shape or form. Ok, granted there are more beautiful girls per square meter here than anywhere else I’ve been, but I don’t think their lips are redder, and they don’t walk with more grace. The Sakura’s haven’t blossomed yet (that’s only in the spring.) And, yeah, you actually can tell the difference between Japanese people and Chinese people, (Seems like, in general, chinese people have rounder faces…) but not always. Most of the difference is in how they dress. (This is the big difference. Japanese people are very unique).

    That said, there are some amazing trees here. Like, bonzai-ish, everywhere, and the colors in the fall are quite amazing. I’ve heard spring is great, so lookingforward to it. Ok, off to class. Darn.. haven’t seen a movie in a long time…

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