The first real snow.

We got our first real snowfall last night (by “real”, I mean “snow that doesn’t melt immediately after landing on the sidewalk”).  The timing was great because last night I really wasn’t looking forward to trudging to work this morning.  But after peeking out the window at all the fresh snow – lots of it without footprints yet – I made it out the door early and happily.

I took some photos with shivering hands only to find that I cleverly took my camera cord home for the long weekend.  I wish I hadn’t done that, because there’s nothing like walking through a small town in the morning after a nice snowfall.  Everything starts off blue and becomes brighter and brighter as the sun comes up – the clouds, which covered half the sky when I started, were almost gone by the time I reached the top of the hill and the sun was reflecting off the snow so brightly that I could hardly see.  Cars with huge plumes of exhaust were slipping their way over white streets while snowplows diligently scraped that half inch of compacted snow on the road. 

I remember my first winter in Providence, RI, and my first real “blizzard.”  I’m sure that people from Alaska or Montana or Vermont would be unimpressed, but I was astonished to see more than six inches of snow on the ground.  I think it snowed almost three feet in one day, which meant that the snow piles on the sides of the road were enormous.  Being car-less at the time, I experienced Rhode Island’s weather to its fullest and got to stumble over snowdrifts on my way to work, class, the grocery store, the movie rental store.  Except for my constant fear of falling as I walked down the hill to RISD (who had the bright idea to pave the sidewalk in bricks, anyway?) , it was really cool. My second year in Providence, we had a blizzard that produced snowdrifts over my waist.  I lived on the campus of the school where I worked, but I only made it as far at the parking lot (to walk my poor shivering dog) and the neighbors’ apartment upstairs (to borrow some movies).  Being truly snowed in – while having heat, power, water, etc. – was a fabulous experience that I would love to repeat.

But back to this morning.  Lovely new snow +  fresh bootprints + clear frosty air + December on the iPod = pretty near perfection. 


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