A crafty weekend.

…was full of cards.  Orange cards,


yellow cards,


red cards.


I finished the fabric + print cards and put them in their nice little plastic sleeves (they look really good!), and now I have a stack of laser-printed cards that I should be folding.  The dolls – my class assignment – did not fare quite as well.  I have a lot to get done tonight and tomorrow.

Josh said he might put a Christmas list on his blog sometime soon (’tis the season for Christmas lists), and I’ve been thinking ever since about what would go on mine.  I’ve always been a book person, although I haven’t bought a new book in ages.  I’ve seen some crafting books highly reviewed on other blogs that I’m sure will never make it to the local library.  So, for anyone reading this who happens to care, I’d be really happy to unwrap any of the following on Christmas morning:

1) Sew U: The Built by Wendy Guide to Making Your Own Wardrobe2) Amy Butler’s In Stitches  

3) The Crafter’s Companion

4) Last-Minute Fabric Gifts

Special note to a special reader in Japan: we need to talk about fabric.  Lovely Japanese fabric.


2 thoughts on “A crafty weekend.

  1. Hmm… I can’t decided between yellow or red card. But they are all totally cool.

    Fabric eh? hohoho. Well, I’ve found a few things: The got some really cool “washi” paper, that is more like fabric than paper, with jaw-dropping designs on it. They also have a fabric floor in the departmentstore place thing downtown. I didn’t really stop to take a look, but I don’t think they have anything amazing there, I think the ushi paper is what you are looking for.

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