So, our “free” (i.e. mooched) wireless internet hasn’t been working so well recently and my lunch breaks have been full of frantic PhotoShopping.  Sorry about the silence.  Printing continues in the evenings and I have high hopes for what I will get done this weekend.  

I’m hoping to see lots of this,
and this,
and this.
Lately I’ve found that I’m really attracted to things that are simple.  For my last class project I had to design a label for a wine bottle, and instead of choosing something detailed and illustration-y, I went with a (fairly) simple overlay of vector images with flat color.   As I was cutting up leeks to make leek-potato-carrot soup on Tuesday, I noticed that chopped up leeks have the most amazing circles inside them.  So simple and beautiful. 
And finally, randomly: do you ever find yourself suddenly attracted to different color combinations?  This week was brought to you by the colors chartreuse and grey:


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