More printing.

My amazing husband washed our clothes (and our dog) and made dinner before I got home yesterday, leaving me free to print in the evening.

I’m not as happy with all of my stamps as I thought I’d be. I kept the sparrow and quail carvings pretty small because I didn’t want them to overwhelm the card, but now I think they look dwarfed by the fabric. The chicken works best because it fills up more the space and “holds its own” again the fabric print, even though it’s not my favorite carving. Hmm. I’ve decided to make up some laser-printed cards out of scans I’ve made of the best prints and some other fabrics, and hopefully I’ll be able to fix some of the problems in Photoshop.

Hope you’re not bored with cards yet…more photos to come.

{Note: WordPress is being a real pain right now and my lunchbreak is almost over, so I guess there won’t be any nice photos. Tomorrow?}


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