Some photos from last summer.

I know that “last summer” was a long time ago now, but I was just finally able to download these photos from my digital camera (which is not the best, I’m afraid).  In August, Josh and I took the first Summer Vacation of our married life and drove to San Francisco to stay with some friends.  The drive was kind of brutal (16 hours? 18 hours?), but everything else was fabulous.

Our friends live in Menlo Park, so we took an afternoon to walk around the Memorial Chapel area at Stanford. 

The next day, we went downtown SF.  We had lunch on the wharf (you can barely see the Golden Gate Bridge behind our heads), saw bakers making animals out of sourdough bread, went to a huge music store, and walked quickly through part of Chinatown.


Then Josh and I took one whole day to drive to Monterey and visit the aquarium.   I’m so glad that my husband loves aquariums as much as I do, or I would have felt bad for making him stay so long.  But we slowly walked past the exhibits together, holding hands and watching our faces turn different shades of blue and green.  Monterey Bay Aquarium = Bestest Aquarium Ever. 



I know that I tend to anthropomorphise things, but when God made creatures that look like this, it’s kind of hard not to.


Good memories, especially since it’s darkly overcast and 45 degrees outside. Ah, summer. 


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