The first pictures.

I’ve been scrambling this month to meet the self-appointed goal of completing 3-4 paintings (which turned into drawings) for a local gallery/framing shop by the first of November.  The owner kindly volunteered to frame a few pieces for me and put them in the window to see if they sell.  One of the main reasons why I do work on commission is that it’s so darn expensive to frame things anymore, so this seemed like a really great opportunity to me (she’ll subtract the cost of framing if the pieces sell). 

Two Pomegranates

Anyhow, after a few hours and quite a bit of wasted gouache, I realized that painting just isn’t working for me at the moment.  I’ve always been more of a drawer anyway, so I returned to my old friend, the Prismacolor Colored Pencil Set.  Colored pencils are fabulous.  They give you so much control and can be as messy or precise as you like.  And the colors layer beautifully – the closer you look at a drawing, the more vibrant it becomes.


In the end, 3-4 drawings turned into 3 drawings due to a sewing project that I randomly decided HAD to get done.  So, I present the pomegranates and the squash.  The pomegranates are studies for a large commissioned piece that I need to finish by Thanksgiving and really want to do well, and the squash was just because I really like orange and yellow.  I’m dropping them off at the gallery this afternoon, so if you’re walking downtown Pullman and happen to stop by the At Home Designs window, you might just see them in their framed glory.


Tim, this post’s for you.


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